noun   |   \ ˈdō-nȯ-tā \

Gianni and Raquel Donati have been working side-by-side for the past decade. This dynamic duo of opposites is the forefront of our agency, tackling 90% of the work and always remaining your personal point of contact. For the oddball 10%, we leverage our vast network of industry experts when projects call for a helping hand or need a special touch.


Raquel has a quirky sense of humor, laughs loudly, talks supersonic fast, and will insist that you call her Rocky. She is a highly-adaptive and passionate leader with 15+ years in sales, marketing, and customer experience. She successfully balances logical process with creativity, and thrives on solving problems. DOWNLOAD RESUME.


Gianni thinks best outside, dreams in elaborate spreadsheets, and modifies everything. He offers 10+ years of experience in design, development, and manufacturing of Made in USA top-tier products. The dude abides by Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. DOWNLOAD RESUME.